Our Brand New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website with the help of CFM Group.

Our aim was to offer our users, partners, and the public a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate platform. By enabling these features, it allowed for comfortably browsing of information on our services available. A fresh, new, and modern website that is responsive on all devices. Fully secured, and designed for optimum user experience throughout. It allows users to browse the website based on their own interests which offer a number of useful links. Including blogs, information, our story and information on our tutors as well as the ability to view our subjects and book a tutoring session via our online form.

We hope that you enjoy the fresh look and feel of our updated website and find that this portal serves as a valuable resource for you. Our content is constantly updated with news from the industry and company announcements, so stop by and see what’s new.

Sandeman Tutoring is fully committed to providing the very best private tutoring in St. Ives, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Sheffield and beyond.

Joshua Sandeman noted:

Its been a long journey but a tremendously interesting and useful one that we believed Sandeman Tutoring needed to undertake. We are pleased that our brand new website is now active for our customers with loads of useful information. In which we and able to demonstrate our unique services to the UK market in the best possible way. The team at Sandeman Tutoring are proud to be able to expand its reach into new markets with an improved website. Many thanks to Nick and his team and CFM Group.

Joshua Sandeman

New Branding

Our new website also coincides with our branding realignment and we are excited to announce the launch of our new branding. Including a new logo so as to better communicate our professionalism and quality work.

Creating a new logo presented numerous challenges. We wanted to concisely convey the foundational elements of our company while maintaining familiarity, and clarity.

You will start seeing our new look around the web and everywhere we’re out in public such as our social media channels and presence at events.

New Chapter for Sandeman Tutoring

Today, we’re taking a bold step forward with our updated look and new website. We will keep striving to continuously provide the best possible service. In addition to also improve our online presence to align ourselves to the digital evolution and better serve our customers.

To learn more about our website, services, or any other information you require. Feel free to use our website to message us or simply respond with a comment to our blog below.

Our private tutors are all fully qualified teachers and we can offer Cambridgeshire tutoring, St. Ives tutoring, Peterborough tutoring, as well as online tutoring across the UK.

Keep an eye out for some exciting new updates coming with our brand new social media pages.

We hope you enjoy our new website and we are always happy to help with any tutoring requests you may have.

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