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Sandeman Tutoring is a leading provider of high-quality & affordable one-to-one tuition to students of all ages. Our private tutoring is available for students of all ages from Primary, through Secondary, Sixth Form and also for adult learners. 

We provide St. Ives tutors, Cambridgeshire tutors, Huntingdon tutors as well as private tutors in Sheffield in all subjects.

We also have many excellent private tutors available for online lessons all year round.

Have a look at our Primary subjects below available now.


Our English Tutors are all fully-qualified and up-to-date with the current demands of a changing curriculum and the various Examination Boards. We tutor students of all ages from Primary through to adult learners.

English language and literature are covered using different approaches to cater to the students individual learning type to assist their academic development.

If you are looking for a St. Ives English tutor, we have some excellent tutors on our books. We also have expert English tutors in Huntingdon, Peterborough and Sheffield.

Available to Primary, Secondary, GSCE and A-Level students.


Sandeman Tutoring will work with students to help them achieve and fulfil their true potential by helping them cover gaps in knowledge,
and get a head start for the next Maths curriculum stage.

We organise well planned and structured lessons that keep students engaged and to maximise their learning with the time spent in each lesson. 

If you are looking for a St. Ives Maths tutor we have just the tutors for you.

Sandeman Tutoring has Cambridgeshire maths tutors who are highly specialised in their subject and excellent at breaking down difficult concepts and formulas.

Available to Primary, Secondary, GSCE and A-Level students.


Here at Sandeman Tutoring, we are able to provide the full spectrum of science subjects across all levels ranging from primary, secondary, GCSE and A Levels. Learn more by visiting our dedicated course page.

Structured learning, repetition and organisation are key to academic success. Our tutors will motivate students to achieve their potential and provide all the tools required.

If you need a Cambridgeshire Science tutor, please get in touch with us today.

Available to Primary, Secondary, GSCE and A-Level students.

Entrance Tests

Allow our Team at Sandeman Tutoring to ensure, your child gets the best support for to guide them through their upcoming 11+ and 13+  Entrance Tests.

With our tailored tutoring we will work with you to ensure that you get the best possible scores for each question by helping you to effectively structure a response for each of the different task requirements.

Contact us if you need a St. Ives Entrance Test tutor as well as Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

Available to 11+ and 13+ years students.

Business Studies

Keep your child’s studies on track from home with one-to-one, interactive online Business Studies lessons by highly qualified team here at Sandeman Tutoring.

With our extensive experience and an open dialogue, we’ll formulate a tailor-made plan to help you reach your goals and achieve academic success.
Speak to us today. 

We have some fantastic St. Ives Business Studies tutors as well as Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and online.

Available to GSCE and A-Level students.

Computer Science

Invest in the future of your child with professional one-to-one computer science private tuition lessons, by Sandeman Tutoring in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

Our personalised ne-2-one tuition, will give your child the confidence they need to succeed in their upcoming  their A Level & GCSE Computer Science Exams.

Our St. Ives Computer Science tutors are some of the best in the country. Speak to us today to learn more about how Sandeman Tutoring can help.

Available to Primary, Secondary, GSCE and A-Level students.


Let us help you boost your confidence, knowledge and motivation. Take advantage of our tailored Psychology private tuition classes for GCSE and A-Level students.

If you need help with psychology, Sandeman Tutoring can help you to develop and meet your goals. We enjoy bringing out the best in people and helping others to achieve their academic goals.

Available to GSCE and A-Level students.

Physical Education

Catch up on any missed exercise and work outs with our Physical Education Private Tuition. Enquire today about how we can help you by emailing our expert team.

Allow our Sandeman Tutoring expert Teachers to help you through any obstacles you may be facing, as well as to help you with overall physique, fitness and reaching goals in your chosen sports activity.

Available to GSCE and A-Level students.


Our Economics Tutors are all fully-qualified and experienced subject-specialists. Our classes can be arranged to match your busy schedule, even on weekends or evenings.

Tailored GCSE Tuition & Support from from our specialist team at Sandeman Tutoring, covering a  wide variety of Subjects.
A Safe Way To Enhance & Support Your Childs Learning.

Our Cambridgeshire Economics tutors are highly specialised and experts in their field.

Reach out to us to learn more

Available to GSCE and A-Level students.

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