How Can I Help My Child Pass the 11+?

Entrance exams such as the 11+ can be a tricky exam for KS2 students to prepare for. This is because their time in school is often used to revise for the upcoming Year 6 SATS. 

If you’re wondering: ‘How can I help my child pass the 11+?’, this article is here to help provide you with some useful options.

Read on to help your child ace the 11+ exam!

Work with an Expert Tutor

To ensure your child achieves the best they can possibly can, working with a tutor who specialises in the 11+ exam can boost your child’s confidence and familiarity with the subject requirements. 

The tutor can work closely with your child in a 1:2:1 environment and take them through the syllabus. This allows them to feel comfortable answering the questions when it comes to taking the exam. 

Working with expert tutors allows children to develop their comprehension, analytical and reading skills in a safe learning space. 1:2:1 tuition also allows their learning to develop and be challenged in a greater capacity than in a classroom setting. 

Use Past Papers to Prepare 

To get your child used to timed conditions and the types of questions they will need to answer, 11+ past papers are a great tool to use. 

Have them practice answering a past paper every few weeks so they aren’t nervous when it’s time to sit the exam. It’s also helpful to go through the paper with them after so they can see which questions they did well on and which areas they can focus on for improvement. 

Revision Flash Cards

Revision flashcards are a quick and easy revision tool to allow your kids to memorize tiny bits of information from the syllabus to use in their exams. It’s a fun and low-stakes way to help with revision and can also be used for games or to practice with friends.

Have a look at one of our Sandeman Tutoring revision flashcards below, can you or your child work out what the answer is?

Mental Maths Games 

A core element of the 11+ exam is maths. To prepare for this section of the exam, you need to try and incorporate some daily maths into your child’s schedule. There are plenty of fun online mental maths games and resources that allow your child to have fun whilst learning maths equations. 

Check out some of our favourites here!

Break up Revision into Small and Manageable Chunks 

There’s no point trying to get your child to revise last minute and cram a year’s worth of learning into the two weeks before their exam. 

The best thing to do is to make a schedule at the start of the year and have small tasks for them to do each day that focus on 11+ exam preparation. This will give your child plenty of time to learn the content and also feel confident with their end goal. 

This can be as simple as giving them 10 minutes of reading and then asking them to identify the adjectives and verbs. Or giving them a news article to read and asking them to summarise the main points. 

Give them practical and real-life tasks using some of the core skills of the 11+ exam. This is the best way to develop their critical thinking skills and will stand them in good stead for their 11+ exam. 

How Can I Help My Child Pass The 11+ with Sandeman Tutoring?

Sandeman Tutoring is a family-run tutoring company with some of the best 11+ tutors in the area. 

We are committed to delivering online and in-person tuition which helps your child reach for the stars and achieve their goals, including passing the 11+ with flying colours. 

If you’re looking for an 11+ tutor, get in touch with us today and we are more than happy to assist you in whatever way we can.

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