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Josh is an excellent tutor who has made each lesson engaging and enjoyable for my son. My son has thoroughly enjoyed science and computer science, and is more confident in many areas that he once found difficult thanks to Josh making it easier for him to understand. I have seen so much progress in his learning/understanding since starting tuition. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone looking for a tutor for GCSE level science and computer science.

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Four reasons to go with us

1. We get results

  Experience the best in maths tutoring with our hand-picked, highly qualified tutors. Each with decades of teaching experience in British schools, our tutors have a proven track record of significantly improving grades. With us, you’re guaranteed top-quality lessons every time.

2. Affordable

If you’re feeling the pinch we do not feel you should miss out on top quality tuition. Our cheapest package works out as £20 per hour. 

3. Family Run

Sandeman Tutoring prides itself on being an entirely family-run. With so many large tutoring companies out there, students can often get lost in the mix.

4. Personalised learning

Personalised learning pathway which can include 1-2-1 lessons, online courses and group lessons, making it as intensive as you need or relaxed as you need.

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 Physics as a subject has a huge array of jobs that students can explore after they have finished their studies.

Some of these jobs are as follows:

    •   Financial Analyst 
    •     Investment Banker
    •     Physics Teacher 
    •     Physicist  
    •     Policy Advisor  
    •     Actuary 
    •     Data Scientist 
    •      Scientist



Online tutors help to support students to achieve their potential and best through 1:1 lessons and setting additional homework and revision.

Expert tutors are able to identify gaps in a student’s learning and support them by teaching and ensuring they understand all the course content. This extra level of detail and support helps students to boost their confidence and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

This allows students to improve their grades and feel more confident going into exams and helps them to achieve their best. One of the issues with mainstream learning is that often students can’t learn properly as teachers are stretched too thinly in the classroom.

With class sizes of over 30 pupils, this can make reaching those top grades more difficult. An online tutor, however, can focus on the individual and their learning and this in turn provides more support for the student.

We have some of the best reviews in the country with all our expert tutors. We’ve taught hundreds of students and helped them achieve their best for their GCSEs, A-Levels, SATS, Entrance Exams and more.

Yes, we have a brilliant team of A-level tutors who are fantastic at teaching A-level and getting great results.

If you need A-level teaching, just send us a message via the contact form and we will match you with an A-level tutor. 

Yes, we always have the capacity for adult learners. Our tutors are specially trained to help those who have been out of the learning cycle for a number of years.

If you need help with foundation courses, GCSE or A-levels, get in touch!

Just send us a message via our contact form or social media pages. We will get right back to you regarding your enquiry.

All we need to know is what subject or subjects you need and what age group you are after.

Yes, of course. We can create a bespoke tutoring package depending on which subjects you need.

Just let us know what you need and we will do the rest!

All our tutors are well-versed in all exam boards (AQA, OCR, Pearson, WJC and others). They are also able to teach IGCSE, entrance exams and all other exams depending on your requirements.

Yes, we can. If you need face-to-face tuition just specify this in your enquiry and we will arrange this for you.

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Physics Tutoring

Studying Physics ?

What are the Benefits of

Why Pick Sandeman Tutoring for Online Physics Tutoring?


Sandeman Tutoring prides itself on being an entirely family-run company that sources highly qualified and experienced online Physics tutors. With so many large tutoring companies out there students can often get lost in the mix.


This isn’t the case with Sandeman Tutoring. We personally match each of our clients with tutors who bring out the best in their students and create a happy learning environment online. Our  Physics tutors have years of classroom experience, are experts in their subject and are selected for their innate passion for teaching.


Our Physics tutors are often exam markers for GCSE and A-Level meaning they can use this knowledge to guide their students to excellent exam results. Our over 60 5-star reviews are a testament to our great successes with former students, with most of our previous cohort smashing their target grades by one or two levels.


Working with a Physics tutor online with Sandeman Tutoring will allow your child to make great leaps in their learning journey. This is because all our Physics tutors provide excellent tailor-made lessons for their students and can quickly adapt resources based on feedback or exam specifications. 


Sandeman Tutoring can also provide extras such as homework setting, exam marking resource making. Let us know if there are additional services you require and we can put together a package for you.


We also have a number of weekly group lessons in core GCSE subjects such as English, Maths and Science. 


Find out more about our Science tutor online group schedule by sending a message to our contact page and we look forward to welcoming you to our online school community.


What’s the Benefits of Online Physics Tutoring?


Physics is an essential part of a student’s time at school, in fact, a lot of jobs or courses require at least a grade 4 in Physics at GCSE level. 


Physics encompasses a lot of different topics such as electrons and forces.  By learning these concepts with a Physics tutor online students are able to use formulas in the real world to understand how the world works.


Maths encourages students to seek solutions to questions and apply logic to situations to find the best outcome. The subject of Physics is highly transferable and useful to students as they enter employment and begin to face challenges as an adult. 


So if solving Formulas or doing speed distance time brings you out in a cold sweat, don’t worry Sandeman Tutoring is here to help you ace your physics exams. 


What Career Path or Jobs Need Physics?


Physics is a subject that is based on reason, problem solving and logic. Choosing Physics is a great way to explore and demonstrate these skills that are crucial in many job roles. A few careers that would benefit from working with a Physics tutor online are:


  •     Financial Analyst 
  •     Investment Banker
  •     Physics Teacher 
  •     Physicist  
  •     Policy Advisor  
  •     Actuary 
  •     Data Scientist 
  •      Scientist



How Can Working with a Physics Tutor Online Help My Performance?


Our online tutoring is designed to be taught in a 1:1 environment with a Physics tutor online who has years of experience in private tutoring. 


By going over the course requirements, mock exams and teaching the online lessons, your tutor will be able to help you improve your overall grade and progress. 


In traditional education systems, students often fall through the cracks as classroom settings are around one teacher for every 30 students. The sheer number of students means that your teacher can’t fully support everyone in the classroom, and this is where grades and attainment suffers.


What Ages of School Students Do You Teach?


We teach all ages from 3 all the way up to 18. We have expert Physics tutors who specialise in Primary, GCSE as well as A-Level subject-specific tutors. 


We welcome students of any age and have tutors ready to support all learners across the age groups.


Can I learn with Sandeman Tutoring as an Adult Learner?


Absolutely! We have worked with plenty of adult learners at Sandeman Tutoring. If you need help with GCSEs, foundation courses or A-levels get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist. 


What’s the Process of Selecting a Physics Tutor Online?


We streamline the tutoring selection process to make it as easy as possible. All we need is what subject you require and what age the student is and we will match you with the right kind of tutor. 


We also have tutors who specialise in SEN/SEND learning, so please just let us know if you need extra provisions. 


Can I Combine Subjects such as Maths and Physics?


Of course. A lot of our students at all levels combine their lessons with Maths, Physics and English. 


But if you need to combine any other subjects, just tell us and we can put together a bespoke tutoring package for you.


Do You Have Tutors That Do All Exam Boards?


All our tutors are well-versed in all exam boards (AQA, OCR, Pearson, WJC and others). They are also able to teach IGCSE, entrance exams and all other exams depending on your requirements.


Can You Arrange Face-to-Face Tuition?


Sandeman Tutoring also offers face-to-face tuition. Specify which area you require on the contact form and we can arrange a home visit. 


Do You Offer Group Lessons with a Physics Tutor Online??


We are currently offering group lessons in GCSE exam subjects. 


Students can choose which subjects they would like to attend and get these sessions at a reduced cost per session.


This can be a great way to get an expert maths tutor online as well as other subjects for discounted rates. 




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